10 Tips for a perfectly organized holiday trip

10 Tips for a perfectly organized holiday trip

Summer is on and my long-awaited holidays are just around the corner. I have arranged most of it and what is left is the final touch.

Well, at this point I decide to check the “checklist” with the steps. This “list” is like the Holy Bible to me (of course it is, since I have made it and I learned my lesson before I ended up to it!) However, because I am very proud and I consider it pretty useful, I will reveal its content to you, just to help you organize yourselves the way I did:

Step 1: Tickets

Any person who manages to book mainly air tickets about 3 months (the least) prior to their departure date has literally won the jackpot! Air tickets can be found at a percentage of 30-40% lower than the price they have one month before the trip. We don’t even mention a few days prior to the trip…you had better not even bother to check the price, unless you are totally prepared to spend a fortune. Unfortunately, this seldom applies to ship fares and almost never when it comes to train or coach tickets.

Step 2: Transportation from/to the airport

You arrive. And now what? You keep looking out for trains, a taxi or the subway, you keep searching for cell signal, there is not internet connection????? What are we doing now? The smartest and most provident thing to do is to have already arranged your transportation to your destination. Whether you take the subway, or the train, or even the bus or a taxi, it is advisable that you have already booked your round tickets and have checked the stops, time and routes. It might sound too much but in a foreign country or at a very popular tourist destination, believe me, it is time-consuming to leave this to chance because by the end you will get really exhausted or even stressed out and you may end up making a hasty and expensive choice. Of course search must be done through the appropriate websites which can guide you well and ease your concerns on anything. 

Step 3: Accommodation

Some of the tips in Step 1 can be helpful here too. The sooner, the better! There are numerous user-friendly websites to find the perfect accommodation for you and your holiday pals. The particular websites also have bargains and several deals that will not leave your needs uncovered. There are search filters (place, accommodation type, location, facilities, customer ratings etc.) which actually help you make the best choice.

Extra tip1: Book early enough because the best deals are offered in low season and not peak visitation periods!

Extra tip 2:  Pay attention to customer ratings and feedback! You may discover something that is not mentioned anywhere else but is of high importance to your stay.

Step 4: Top tourist attractions

Spend some time before your trip on highlighting the most important spots of your destination; The things you must definitely see. Museums, markets, resorts, other cultural buildings of historical and architectural significance, cathedrals/temples, beaches, musical or theatrical events, hidden corners and many more worth seeing or visiting. This will surely save some time when you reach your destination and you will not miss something that you would hate to miss.

Step 5: Food choices

What can be more important than the food choices a new place can offer you? As mentioned above, you can also go to search engines online and discover your food opportunities according to your own taste. Through ratings and customer feedback it is almost impossible to be wrong! Something which is quite possible to happen in case you select a place you liked from a photo or a place you bumped into while starving to death. In this case you will probably regret your choice, you will have a bad experience and you will need something extra to quench your hunger (or in the worst scenario you will end up holding the toilet)!

Step 6: Daily budget

In order to estimate the money you will need in total for your trip you have to set a daily budget and multiply that to the days of your stay. Of course you will count separately the amount for your accommodation and different travel and transportation expenses that you have already paid (means of transport/cultural events/ activities etc.). You estimate in approximation how much money is needed daily for food/drink, internal transportation, entertainment, shopping, other activities. 

Extra tip 1: What is not spent on one day can be added to the next! (Unfortunately you have to be extra cautious because the same applies when you spend excessively on one day, you have to detract the amount from the next).

Extra tip 2: Have always on you a loaded credit or debit card because mistakes are human and from what we have seen lately, pandemic-lockdowns, you do not want to be left alone and penniless at a foreign place.

ATTENTION: If you are going to exchange currency you had better do that in your own country so that you avoid searching for exchange spots and currency rates at the very last minute and of course pray that you don’t get robbed!

Step 7: Internet connection

A prerequisite for all the above, the punctual arrivals and departures , means of transport, restaurants, maps, timetables, schedules etc. is that you are constantly online. It is highly important therefore that you do not forget to ensure your connectibility therefore you must contact your internet service provider prior to departure.

ATTENTION: There are places where your connection might be lost and you may need to buy a SIM card and data pack available for use in your destination country. Until then you must have provisioned to have downloaded and stored the necessary items (eg. Offline maps, tickets etc.)

Step 8:  Essential Official Documents

In your purse one thing must not be missing, your official identification and legal documents – as well as your tickets of course! ID cards, passports, driving license together with its green card, visas for the places they are needed (and any other document you feel is indispensable from your trip eg. Allergy documentation etc.)

Step 9: Clothing

Here comes the hardest part. For women mainly. Maybe for some men too. And there is also a trick for that case. You think of 2 outfits for each day (a morning one/ an evening one) and you put exactly these in your suitcase. This way you will not end up packing unnecessary clothes and therefore you will save yourself extra luggage weight and free room in your travelbag. Shoes and outwear (if you travel in the winter months) is an easier task. Probably one for each category will be enough!

Extra tip: Take more underwear than your days of stay because you never know!!

Step 10: Extra Equipment

Last but not least! Do not forget to put in your travelbag some painkillers, your camera (if you use one, together with a charger/battery), extra medicine necessary for you, a swimsuit, gloves, caps, phone charger, perfume (can you live without??), make-up, glasses, contact lenses and everything else I may fail to mention but you can go nowhere without (maybe your pillow?)! 

Well, these are my personal little steps which have helped me collect lots of beautiful memories in my holiday memory box.

I hope that I have  helped a bit! Now I have to go and finish my checklist for my upcoming four-day trip…step 9. Ouch! Good luck to me!