5+1 reasons to check the filter “pet-friendly”

5+1 reasons to check the filter “pet-friendly”

There are two inhibitions for every family when it comes to adopting a pet: the hairs that will fill your house and summer holidays. And if for the first one technology has offered solutions with special vacuum cleaners that sweep the house automatically and daily, the second one still worries a lot of people. 

My answer to that is simple. Searching for my holiday accommodation I check the filter “petfriendly”. That easy. Why, however, not feel carefree, leaving my pet behind at a pet hotel and relax in my holidays with the company I have selected?

– My pet is always in the company of friends I want. We have a daily routine which cannot change and brings joy to my home and life.

– Pets love us and need us even more than we realize. Depriving them of our presence for some time will fill them with stress and depression. Their joy when they see us again just confirms how much they have missed us.

– No matter how much they enjoy routine, animals (especially dogs) feel the need to meet new places and explore visual and smelling stimuli. When that happens with us, it is the most enjoyable experience!

– Pet hotels are known to increase the possibility for infection due to certain viruses and bacteria which pets are not normally exposed to.

– There is no financial burden when you book pet-friendly accommodation, unlike the pet hotels which charge you a lot to actually have your pet stay in questionable living conditions.


+1 . Even when I leave my dog to my family to travel with friends, I check the filter “pet friendly”. I would in no case want to stay in a place that considers pets a polluting nuisance and not the joy of life.

Argiris Gkinoudis